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Active accounting is not only an accounting office

We will not allow you to pay more taxes than necessary! We also deal with income planning and optimization of customer costs ...

Civil partnership to limited partnership transformation

In the beginning phase our operations we chose to start from easy to run civil partnership. We wanted to focus on growth and market expansion. Currently the company has developed significantly and the values amount to high numbers. As we need to secure our assets we have decided to transform civil partnership into limited partnership. We have managed to achieve that only thanks to a professional help from K2Tax. They have prepared a full set of documents required to establishing a limited liability company and creating a limited partnership. They have also drawn up an opening balance sheet and all accounting and personnel related documents. Today, they run a full accounting for us as we concentrate on dynamic development of our business. 


Car mechanics

I run an automotive repair shop – accounts in form of a revenue and expense ledger. I employ mechanics, offer traineeship to students of vocational schools. My company generates around 100 accounting and staff documents per month. Time it took to process them by myself was increasing. It came apparent to me that I need an accounting office to keep the books for me, when I  had calculated how much I could earn in my workshop instead of doing accounts by myself. K2Tax not only keeps my accounting documents in check, but I truly value their professional advisory help and tax optimisation solutions, which I could not do on my own. 

Online fashion store – change of taxation form

A year ago I have started an online store with clothes for children. Unfortunately, choosing a taxation form was coincidental. On that stage I have focused mainly on selecting the products and polishing store’s website. At the instigation of my friend I decided to settle the taxes under general rules and pick a tax scale. It turned our that taking into consideration my expenses (a store run from home, dropshipping) it is utterly unprofitable. An expert from K2Tax not only swiftly calculated on the basis of my revenue and expenses that a flat-rate tax is the most suitable solution for my needs, but also made an appropriate correction in Central Business Activity and Registration and Information System.