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Accounting services of our office

Accounting office K2Tax is a combination of comprehensive accounting services with professional consultancy intended for your company. We manage business accounting, human resources and payroll – we would represent you as an intermediary in contacts with a revenue agency. Our experts would be  conducting profitability audits and suggest bespoke financial and tax solutions. Would you like to establish a limited liability company? We provide support for such companies starting from the very basics such as gathering a suite of registration documents up to running full accounting services.   

Accounting Basics for an LLC

We realise how time consuming keeping the full books in a company might be and would gladly take that burden of you. We will help you pass through all complicated procedures during registration and establishing your company’s operations. Thanks to us you will save time and would be able to concentrate on acquiring new clients and personnel recruitment. 


K2Tax provides limited liability companies with following services:

  • Setting up accounts and the chart of accounts
  • Running records of fixed assets and business operations
  • Preparation and confirmation of balance sheet
  • Running records of purchase and sale subject to the VAT
  • Reporting to Central Statistical Office and National Bank
  • Preparation and submission of a financial report on behalf of the client by electronic means

Why our accounting office?

K2Tax clients may always count on professional advice and support of our experts. We are not just another accounting office – we offer consultancy and professional analysis. Our competent tax advisors will make utmost effort to guarantee validity of accounting and personnel documents of your company.  


We will make sure you are on time with statements and reports, and will represent you in case of an inspection. K2Tax would help you deal with all demanding and time-consuming duties, so you could devote yourself to running your business. You may lean on your reliable business partner, entrusting him with your accounting documentation and focus on those first yet crucial steps in developing a successful, dynamic company.